Nations remember those who gave their lives for their country.
              Many nations provide for widdows and the fatherless
but the wounded
the  returned members of defence forces who experienced the trauma of war
often carry heavy burdens.

                 there is a need for the release of trauma for veterians.

  Trauma release is a fairly new field of medicine.

It includes but is not limited to talking out trauma with the support and understanding of
    ones comrads.

It is said that the horrors of war experienced World War 1   were so terrable
that returned soldiers felt they could not talk about it to members of the civilian communiy.

We know from adult survivors of child sexual abuse
that the same applies
but we found that whilst mutual suport is important
we needed the help of professional, trained counsellors
who understand trauma
who know processes
who are familiar with  the issues we face.
whilst this page is a work in progress

I do want to acknowledge the existance of post war trauma
and to encourage you that detraumatisation is possable.